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Philip Kingsley Hair Spa Treatment

Posted by Laura April 13, 2014

Tried & Tested

For hair that needs shine, bounce and strength….
available at Ipswich Trichology Hair & Scalp Clinic

 scalp maskAre you one of those annoying people who wake up with perfect hair? Well I’m not, and recently it’s got a lot worse. Whether it’s age or lifestyle-related, my formerly silky smooth mane is now a dry mess.I sought professional help from Ipswich Trichology Hair and Scalp Clinic. As well as being experts on all hair and scalp problems, they also offer products by Philip Kingsley – the nation’s recognised authority on hair health. I booked in for the renowned PK Hair Spa Treatment, as my hair needed more than a run-of-the-mill condition.Upon arrival, my hair was assessed by trichologist, Giovanni De Lellis, so he could recommend a treatment tailor-made for me.

I was prescribed an intensive scalp treatment to optimise hair growth and texture. This began with the application of a scalp mask and followed by Kingsley’s famous ‘elasticizer’ treatment – a thick and gloopy cream applied all over the hair to add shine, suppleness, bounce and strength.

Ten minutes under the hot steam machine helps the elasticizer to soak into your hair cuticles, before a ten-minute head massage finishes the treatment.

Afterwards, my hair was washed, conditioned and finished with a scalp tonic all chosen to suit my hair type, and finished with a gentle blow dry.

I bought some of the Kingsley products and have repeated the treatment at home – a plastic cap and heat from a hairdryer replacing the ‘professional steam’! I was delighted with the results, which lasted for weeks. My hair was glossy, shiny and back to its luscious former incarnation.